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The international market for medical and hospital products is one of the most demanding due to its specific nature.


Daily new developments are announced in medicine and medical sciences and with some regularity new products are introduced in the market, which are increasingly efficient and  innovative.


If by one hand it is imperative the access to this type of products to non-producing countries, on the other hand it is also imperative that as a result of this trade there aren´t failures supply at origin´s place.


Based on the needs, Splendidfrontier seeks the most appropriate source for each of such products, taking into account the production capacity and quality assurance.

So our regular suppliers are mainly large producers and market leaders able to ensure rapid production and supply and synced with the latest technological innovations.


The right choice of our suppliers and a deep knowledge of the needs of the markets destination for such products give  Splendidfrontier the ability to operate in this demanding market.