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Olives are fruits of the world wide known olive tree. The fat content of olives is oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat that can low the cholesterol levels in blood.


The olives should not be eaten directly from the tree , seen to be necessary a special treatment to reduce its natural bitterness. These methods of treatment vary according to the cultivation area, the desired flavor, texture and even color to be obtained.


The used method varies depending on olive variety, region where it was grown, texture, color and desired flavor. Some are picked green and ripen until they reach the black color. However, not all black olives with this coloration are already harvested to achieve undergo a method that exposes the olive aired , promoting their oxidation and thus gives it a black color. The color can also be affected by fermentation, exposure to water , salt or brine. These methods not only determine the color of the olive, which can be black, purple, brown, red or yellow, as well as the texture, and may become bright or soft and wrinkled.