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The begin of civilization starts exactly with the technological development of buildings and means of communication that allowed the man to live in big cities.


Thus, since the beginning of civilization man has been improving the buildings where they live, work, study and have fun, taking into consideration a better well-being and a better use of these buildings.

Meanwhile, infrastructure accessibility, water, sanitation, energy and communications have developed over time to ensure greater comfort for the occupants of buildings.


In the last century the buildings own intelligence won and today there are many that automatically adjust for us the temperature, humidity and brightness suitable for the purpose it was intended.


Splendidfrontier has a broad portfolio of construction products based on the latest technological innovations, with the potential to provide the buildings with all the comfort required in consonance with the needs of its customers.


So, in this market we make the difference to possess the ability to equip an entire building with the best technologies. In this way, the client will have only one interlocutor able to understand their specificities and to create their solutions.